Combat UI: Nov 2015

Building from the ground up using Java and Libgdx, we’re creating an old fashioned 2D Art style RPG that will be available on both Android and Desktop. There are plans on porting to iOS also in the future.

When we set out to create this style of game, we had so many thoughts and ideas we could use for story lines that we decided to go about this slightly differently. The plan is to create all the components of the game (combat, abilities, spells, items etc) in a way so that we could easily create as many various types of plots & story lines we wanted without having to recreate the entire game each time.

These “core” components are being configured through JSON files and are the backbone behind almost everything you see will running. This allows us to make quick changes, overrides and all kinds of various modifications to the game without needing to change any of the code. This allows us to provide update and create new content quickly & easily.

We currently have a large portion of the core components completed and have recently started working on connecting these to a user interface. Due to design, the core components are entirely separated from the interfaces, so should we later on decide to use different graphics or an engine, the major parts of the game will be maintained.

We’re hoping to have a really short playable “Adventure” demo shortly, please stay tuned !

Also, don’t skip out on checking out our Gallery or our demo videos !

Nov 15, 2015: Combat Demo (NEW !)

June 6, 2015: Combat Demo

April 10, 2015: Reflective post about our first year of development.