Follow the adventures of our not-so-heroic band of misfits in their travels around the world as they get themselves into (and out of) various kinds of mischievous and sometimes idiotic mischief.

Combat UI: Nov 2015

Mischieviots is a hobbyist 2D RPG project I’ve been working on for a while now and has been designed to allow for multiple adventures to be playable at anytime allowing me to add new adventures later on. It is planned to be available on desktop, Android and iOS with data-sharing abilities so you can use the same save file across all platforms.

Building from the ground up using Java and Libgdx, it follows many of the well-known patterns found in JRPG’s but is planned to be more “fun & goofy” than “save the world” kind of adventure (at least the first one).

The game is now mechanically sound, for the most part, so recently I’ve been focusing my efforts on creating a small “tutorial” adventure that I’m hoping I can get player feedback from while I continue to work on the first “main story”.

We’re hoping to have a short playable “Tutorial” adventure shortly, please stay tuned !

Also, don’t skip out on checking out our Gallery or our demo videos !

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